Dış İlişkiler Koordinatörlüğü

As one of the newly established universities, Kırklareli University, draws attention of international students, thanks to its pivotal location in the Balkans and closeness to Istanbul. Owing to its substantial Balkan immigrant population, cosmopolitan and tolerant social composition, Kirklareli offers a peaceful and pleasant education atmosphere for students.

In the 2017/2018 academic year, students from various countries, such as Turkmenistan, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, Azerbaijan and Republic of Macedonia enrolled in Kırklareli University. Along with the online registration opportunity, in order to meet with increasing number of applications from several countries, our university has reserved 10% of its enrollment quota for international students.

In line with our country’s regional and global integration policy, our university maintains wide-scale international cooperation, notably in the Balkan countries. So far, Kırklareli University has signed cooperation protocols with nine Balkan universities.

As being a signatory for the Erasmus Exchange programme, Kırklareli University sends students and academics to European countries every year, within the scope of learning and traineeship mobility. Mobility of international students and academics is also provided by signing exchange agreements within the “Mevlana Exchange Programme”, which was launched by “YÖK“ (Council of Higher Education). 

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